Rolldown Mosquito Net

Roller Mosquito Net is a spring operated system with vertical movement. The mesh rolls into a cassette in a small stacking space. Fiberglass mesh is imported from T.I.E., Italy. The mesh is waterproof, dustproof & dustproof and allows maximum ventilation & natural light. The locks at bottom of Roller Mosquito Net are childproof as they cannot be released accidentally to cause hurt. This product is also known as Roll Down Mosquito Net & Pull Down Mosquito screen for windows. It is installed on all types of casement windows. A long cord is attached to handle for windows beyond hand reach. The spring is made from German steel. It is tested for 10000 cycles and has a warranty of 10 years. The mesh allows an unobstructed view while preventing even small mosquitoes from entering homes. Though it has thin filaments, the fiberglass mesh is very strong & durable. Insect Shield range of Insect Protection Systems is covered with warranty of 5 years applicable on all components.
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